White tea is on delicate tea around the world which has a medium taste and sweet. This tea is made by unopened buds in spring. This type against other kind of tea has a completely different way of production and instead of drying tea leaves by mechanically, this action is done by sun light. Of course it is one of the most expensive tea but we should consider all the Pharmaceutical benefits it has.

White tea despite of controlling cholesterol and fat and blood glucose, also has a lot of different advantage and other profit for body. Being anti-oxidant helps you to prevent heart attack, and prevent some of the cancers like intestinal and prostate cancer. Amount of fluoride in it do not allow teeth to decay.

For brewing this tea we can not use the regular tea recipe. We have to follow the specific line for keeping all the profit of it. For brewing it you must brew 1tbsp white tea with 1 glass of water which its temperature should be less than boiling point for 10 minutes. To be on the line you should bring the water to boil then let it be for a minute. But Japanese use another recipe. They pour the teapot with water and let it reach the boiling point. Then they put it on table and add white tea to it and cover it with a cloth. After 10 minutes it will be ready.


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