What is baroque tea?

This kind of tea has come from china and originally from Chiang. It has lots of advantages. Process of making it is very spectacular and most of the people known as pearl of tea.

Producing it goes back to the Tang Dynasti and then in 19 century it make its way to Taiwan. Nowadays this tea is producing by industrial machines.  Shiny tea balls represents its verdancy. The bigger the ball tea is, quality is less.

The way of making it is like herbal tea and green tea. As you pour water on it, when the color has spread in water, you can drink and enjoy it.

Some of the property of baroque tea is being anti-oxidan which helps body to win the free-radicals over. So drinking it can be one of the effective way to manage your body to deal with danger and toxic.

And as it is one of most important anti-oxidant, can be used for anti-aging and make you younger.

A good way to improve heart health is baroque tea. Because it decrease the level of HDL and LDL and also it can reduce possibility of heart attack.


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